Guidelines for Abstract Submission and Participation in49th OSWB Annual Conference 2018

Abstract Submission begins from 16thAugust 2018.

Deadline for submission of abstracts has been fixed till 14th October 2018 at 11-59 PM. Only one abstract can be submitted in each category as Chief Author.

Papers / Presentations:

  1. Abstracts may be submitted only into the abstract submission portal in the website of OSWB ( within the stipulated time.
  2. Authors must clearly state the competitive session (Dr. B K Mitra / Dr K P Roy / Smt. Satya Rani Hazra Community Ophthalmology / Smt. Sovabati Das Ghosh Video / DrAnadiBhusanBasu Poster / free paper, video or poster without competition – and that should be clearly mentioned. Abstracts with incomplete details of session, consent letters from the chief author, declarations etc. are liable to be rejected.
  3. For each Paper, number of authors (Chief Author and Co-Authors) put together, should not exceed 5 (five).
  4. During abstract submission, the Chief Author must check thebox at the bottom of the form implying consent that they have no objection to the paper being presented at the conference or being published in any scientific journal of the OSWB. Chief author is solely responsible for giving this consent and declaration on behalf of all the co-authors including him.
  5. While submitting papers / posters for competitive sessions (Dr B K Mitra / Dr K P Roy / Smt. Satya Rani Hazra Community Ophthalmology / Smt. Sovabati Das Ghosh Video / DrAnadiBhusanBasu Poster) the Chief Author must tick the box at the bottom of the form that the work has been done within the state of West Bengal. Chief author is solely responsible for giving this consent and declaration on behalf of all the co-authors including him. However, research work done outside West Bengal can be presented in appropriate sessions but will not be considered for competition. (Only ratified members of OSWB are eligible for competitive sessions awards).
  6. Time allotted for all free papers (Both competitive and non-competitive) is 6 minutes. Time allotted for video is 6 Minutes.
  7. Deadline for withdrawal of abstract is 25th October, 2018 at 11-59 PM.
  8. Scientific Committee shall have the discretion to rearrange / shift abstracts / papers in the best interest of the scientific program in consultation with the chief author even after the deadline. For instance, an abstract submitted for a particular Free Paper session may not have been selected whereas the nature of work would qualify it for community ophthalmology session. The author would be offered to avail of this opportunity.
  9. One soft copy of full text in MS Word file of all selected papers (except video and poster session) must be submitted by E-mail to [email protected] by 30th October, 2018. Failure shall result in disqualification of the paper for competitive sessions.
  10. Failure to present the paper at the conference without prior intimation with valid reasons will automatically disqualify the chief author from submitting any paper in the next year’s conference.Note: It should be the collective responsibility of all authors and co-authors to see that the Full text of the Paper reaches the office on time and that Papers selected are presented at the Conference. This will ensure proper planning and time management of the whole academic session and will help the Judges to be better prepared & the presenters to adhere to time and be more fluent in their presentations.
    • Only members registered as delegates will be permitted entry to scientific program and trade stalls. General Body Meeting will be open to all members.
    • All presenters and speakers must be registered delegates of the conference otherwise their paper may be disqualified from presentation.


An E-Poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards, and is displayed on monitor screens using Power Point slides. E Poster may include text, figures, tables and images and NO video/animations. Selected E-Poster can be viewed any time during the conference. A specific time slot will not be required. Selected posters will beintimated by the Scientific Committee. Selected e-posters should be e-mailed as an attachmentto [email protected] by 30th October, 2018.

  1. Hard copies of posters will no longer be displayed. Selected Posters will be displayed in the E-Poster format.
  2. Presenter must be a member of OSWB. (Only ratified members of OSWB are eligible for competitive sessions awards).
  3. E-Posters should consist of a maximum of 12 Microsoft Power Point slides, including title slide and offering information on the following topics:
    1. Introduction
    2. Material and Methods
    3. Discussion
    4. Conclusion
    5. Use Times New Roman or Arial fonts preferably.
    6. Use the first slide to show the title of the E-Poster and the authors information.
    7. Font should be no smaller than 18 points.
    8. Maximum of 120 words on each slide.
    9. Use a plain background without patterns or dark colours.
    10. Use clear headings and leave spaces between sections.
    11. Pictures and graphics should be clearly labelled and described.
    12. Pictures and graphics should be of good quality.
    13. Text should not be obscured by images.
    14. Remember that simpler posters are always more attractive and easier to read.
    15. Do not fit too much information on one slide.
    16. Correct spelling and punctuation make your poster more attractive and informative.
    17. E-Posters should contain no video clips/animation files.
    18. The file should be not more than 5 MB (more than this size, it will be rejected automatically).


  1. Presenter must be a member of OSWB (Only ratified members are eligible in competitive sessions).
  2. For Dr K P Roy award session the chief author and presenter have to be at or below 40 years of age as on 31st December of the ongoing calendar year. A photocopy of age proof (Scanned copy to be E-mailed and hard copy may be submitted at the office of OSWB) need to be submitted with the abstract for participating in Dr K P Roy award session. Failure to submit the document of age proof within the stipulated period attracts disqualification.
  3. In the Free Paper award sessions the same person must present the paper in every round.
  4. All OSWB Awards will be given to Ratified OSWB Members Only. If the presenting Author is not a ratified OSWB member, that Paper / Poster will not be evaluated / marked and will not be eligible for any competitive session.
  5. If one presenter has already won the competitive Award before, the present paper / Video / poster will not be eligible for the same Award again. No Award shall be given to the same person twice.
  6. Changing the Presenting Author is not allowed after the acceptance of Paper and Poster except with prior permission and with valid reasons.
  7. Financial disclosure is mandatory in the second slide of the presentation.

Video Session:

  1. Time allotted for videos is 8 minutes from appearance of video / title to the end.
  2. Video format submitted should be playable in Windows Media Player and a DVD / CD containing the video in data format should be submitted along with the abstract by the stipulated deadline (30thOctober, 2018 at 4 PM) for evaluation to the office of OSWB.
  3. Videos should have voice narration in the background.

Instruction Course:

  1. Chief Instructor must be a ratified member of OSWB. Co-instructors need to be ratified or provisional members of OSWB. Only one non-member of OSWB from outside West Bengal is permitted to be a co-instructor for a particular course.
  2. The time limit for Instruction Courses including discussion is 45 Minutes.
  3. Rules and guidelines regarding abstract submission is applicable as per the general guidelines of abstract submission of OSWB
  4. Chief instructor is solely responsible for giving the consent for participation and declaration on behalf of all the co-instructors including himself. Rules and guidelines regarding defaulter is applicable as per the general guidelines of abstract submission of OSWB.
  5. Total number of instructors including Chief Instructor should be 4 to 6. Participants in the group for a particular IC should not be more than 2 from the same institution.
  6. OSWB reserves the right of rejection or acceptance (in parts / whole) with necessary modifications in the structure of IC in consultation with the Chief Instructor.

Please read the guidelines above thoroughly before submission.