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Only a generation ago, cataract surgery was a highly risky procedure that needed bed rest and a host of post operative restrictions. Luckily we have come a long way. With the newer methods of stichless cataract surgeries, the operative procedure has become much safer and one can get back to ones normal activities much quicker. To clear the common doubts about what is cataract and what are the available treatments

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Undiagnosed glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. Fortunately if diagnosed in time, damage due to glaucoma can be arrested. There are a number of medications available for the management of Glaucoma and surgical treatment is available for those patients, in whom the glaucoma cannot be controlled medically. The keystone in glaucoma management is early detection and prompt treatment. With the availability of newer diagnostic techniques and better therapeutic options, glaucoma should no longer be the terror that it once was. To know more about glaucoma and it’s management

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Uncontrolled diabetes is one of the most devastating conditions. Poorly controlled diabetes leads to involvement of almost all the major organs of the body. The eye is no exception. The most important factor in the prevention of diabetic eye disease, is good control of blood sugar. All diabetics must have a yearly eye check up even if they do not have any apparent problems with vision. More frequent check ups are necessary for advanced disease with eye involvement. Once the eye is involved, laser or other treaments may be necessary. To know more about diabetic retinopathy,

Download the OSWB public education brochure on diabetic retinopathy here