About Us 

Ophthalmological Society of West Bengal was founded in 1942 with Lt Col E.O.G.Kirwan C.I.E as its first President.The initial years saw the Society working from the Office of the Head of Department of Ophthalmology at Medical College and Hospitals, Kolkata.It later shifted to the 2nd Floor of 94 Chittaranjan Avenue , Kolkata 700012 .The Society now has its own office in the Journal of Indian Medical Association (JIMA) building Room no. 8 at 53 Creek Row, Kolkata 700014 from where it functions. On 1st July 2009 additional 600 sq feet office space was acquired for the Society. It is in the ground floor of the same building. The activities of the Society centers around professional interests of Ophthalmologists related to the state of West Bengal in India. The Society organizes periodical CME meets for academic improvement of its members, fellowship meetings and also competitive sessions in Ophthalmology in various categories. It awards prizes, medals fellowship and travel grants to deserving members and has a community ophthalmology wing which is involved in creating public awareness in key ophthalmological issues. The Society also safeguards the professional and legal interests of its members besides looking after the ethical practice of the profession. The Society organizes annual orations and an annual Conference for its members.

The list of Past Presidents and some of the Secretaries based on Notice Board of OSWB office are:


Lt Col. E.O.G.Kirwan C.I.E. 1942-44
Dr.BN Bhaduri 1944-51
Major SC Dutta 1952-54
Capt.KL Sen 1955-61
Major HK Indra 1962
Dr.NK Munshi 1963-64
Dr.SK Bagchi 1965-66
Dr.GC Banerji 1967-68
Dr.M.Sengupta 1968-69
Dr.BM Chatterjee 1970
Dr.AK Sen 1971
Dr.N. Bose 1972
Dr.Gopal Sen 1973-74
Dr.BK Wadia 1975
Dr.Jiten Chakraborty 1976
Dr.BK Mitra 1977
Dr.PM Chowdhuri 1978
Dr.GN Mukherjee 1979
Dr.A.Basu 1980
Dr.PK Ghosh 1981
Dr.J. Bose 1982
Dr.NK Chandra 1983
Dr.DN Paul 1984
Dr.AK Mukherjee 1985
Dr.IS Roy 1986
Dr.PN Basu 1987
Dr.Aloke Ghosh 1988
Dr.Ranabir Mukherji 1989-90
Dr.PR Roy 1991
Dr.PR Mondal 1992-93
Dr.Moni Kundu 1993-94
Dr.Malay Bh.Bhattacharjee 1994-95
Dr.SC Bagchi 1995-96
Dr.RL Saha 1997
Dr.Sisir Kundu 1997-98
Dr.PB Dutta 1998-99
Dr.Chandidas Dutta 1999-2000
Dr.Santosh K Das 2000-01
Dr.PL Saha 2001-02
Dr.SN Roy 2002-03
Dr.Gita Dey 2003-04
Dr.PR Chatterjee 2004-05
Dr.PK Chatterjee 2005-06
Dr.Ajoy K Mukherjee 2006-07
Dr.Debnath Chattopadhyay 2007-08 (resigned)
Dr Gautam Bhaduri 2008-2009
Dr Prodyot Narayan Biswas 2009-2010
Dr Amarnath Dey 2010-2011
Dr Abhijit Ghosh 2011-2012


Dr.BK Dasgupta and Dr.S Bagchi
Dr.PK Guha and Dr. M.Sengupta
Dr.PK Guha and Dr.A Basu
Dr.SK Bagchi and Dr.AK Sen
Dr.J Bose and Dr.AK Sen
Dr.S.Bagchi and Dr.S.Chatterjee
Dr.GC Sen and Dr.AK Sen
Dr.S Bagchi and Dr. IS Roy
Dr.R.Mukherji and Dr. RN Basu


Dr.R.Mukherji 1971
Dr.Sisir Basu 1972
Dr.PR Mondal 1973
Dr.MB Bhattacharjee 1974-75
Dr.RL Saha 1976-78
Dr.PB Dutta 1979-82
Dr.Chandidas Dutta 1983-85
Dr.PL Saha 1986-87
Dr.SN Roy 1988-89
Dr.PB Dutta 1989-90
Dr.PR Chatterjee 1991-94
Dr.DN Chattopadhyay 1994-96
Dr.Abhijit Ghosh 1997-02
Dr.Mita Khan 2002-04
Dr.Supratik Sanatani 2004-06
Dr.Anita Banerjee 2006-08
Dr Ashis K Bhattacharya 2008-2012 (resigned)
Dr Subhasish Nag (2012 officiating)

List of the Executive Members 2017 – 2018

SL.NO Designation Name Email Mobile
1 President Dr. Ashim Kumar Dey [email protected] 9433203216
2 President Elect Dr. Parag Mukhopadhyay [email protected] 9830272927
3 Vice – President Dr. Puspita Sahu [email protected] 9831322474
4 Hony. Secretary Dr. Subhasish Nag [email protected] 9831089730
5 Jt. Secretary Dr. Aniruddha Maiti [email protected] 9836552140
6 Jt. Secretary Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh [email protected] 9433055288
7 Hony. Treasurer Dr. Debashis Das [email protected] 9830157081
8 Jt. Treasurer Dr. Arnav Mitra [email protected] 9002021542
9 Chairman Sc Comm Dr. Ajoy Paul [email protected] 9830030397
10 Editor Journal Dr. Chandana Chakraborti [email protected] 9830158243
11 Member Dr. Indranil Bhattacharyya [email protected] 9830750557
12 Member Dr. Kakali Sen [email protected] 9830365871
13 Member Dr. Rupak Roy [email protected] 9163302299
14 Member Dr. Rudra Kishore Deb [email protected] 9434426393
15 Member Dr. Rupak Kanti Biswas [email protected] 9831808204
16 Member Dr. Satyam Kumar Maiti [email protected] 9434707752
17 Member Dr. Sekhar Nath Sarkar [email protected] 9434024453
18 Member Dr. Suchanda Sar [email protected] 9830213035
19 Member Dr. Sugato Paul [email protected] 9674487301
20 Member Dr. Sunil Surana [email protected] 9433706950
21 Member Dr. Supratik Bandyopadhyay [email protected] 9434377761
22 Member Dr. Tathagata De [email protected] 9434017269
23 Imm. Past President Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bakshi [email protected] 9830062634
24 Imm. Past Hony. Secretary Dr. Ratish Ch. Paul [email protected] 9830333451